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My friends are amazed at how small our household operating costs are in comparison to theirs....and yet we are constantly complimented on the great meals we have.

This blog is about saving money, eating well and staying healthy in tough times. It's for the healthy-minded, budget conscious household.

Please contribute your ideas and join in the journey with us.

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Sorbolene Cream - Best Moisturizer in Oz!

Oct 21st, 2008 by | 0

I’ve been using sorbolene cream for 20 years. My first encounter with sorbolene cream was in 1985 as a result of suffering with eczema on my eyelids. Split, cracked eyelids are reasonably painful and since a dermatologist advised me to use sorbolene cream on my eyelids and as an all over body moisturizer…I did [...]

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Relaunch! Phew it was a big effort.

Sep 12th, 2008 by | 0

Hi everyone,
Well, we are exhausted.  We’ve just relaunched our website.
Please take a look….and let us know what you think.  We have completed Stage 1.  Further work will appear, but this is a major milestone.   Would appreciate your feedback. Let us know.

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Publish Your Recipes!

Jun 6th, 2008 by | 0

Our readers love recipes…and we can’t get enough of them. If you have a favourite healthy recipe that you would like to share with others, simply register and post on this site. It’s free! Well balanced, healthy dishes will be selected for publishing and sharing with others.

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Welcome to Weight Loss Health blog

Jun 6th, 2008 by | 0

Welcome to all our readers. This blog is for our community of faithful, healthful readers. …in fact, everyone who is one the journey towards better health.
None of us have arrived, but we do our best to educate and communicate with other like minded people who want to do the best they can with the [...]

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