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My friends are amazed at how small our household operating costs are in comparison to theirs....and yet we are constantly complimented on the great meals we have.

This blog is about saving money, eating well and staying healthy in tough times. It's for the healthy-minded, budget conscious household.

Please contribute your ideas and join in the journey with us.

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Archive for October, 2008

Sorbolene Cream - Best Moisturizer in Oz!

Oct 21st, 2008 by | 0

I’ve been using sorbolene cream for 20 years. My first encounter with sorbolene cream was in 1985 as a result of suffering with eczema on my eyelids. Split, cracked eyelids are reasonably painful and since a dermatologist advised me to use sorbolene cream on my eyelids and as an all over body moisturizer…I did [...]

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Mouse Brain Salad

Oct 16th, 2008 by | 0

Our family have a slightly twisted sense of humour. When Steph was ten, like all children, she asked one evening, “what’s for dinner?” I was preparing a Waldorf Salad and looking down, it struck me how similar the walnut halves looked like a small brain. Knowing that Steph loves quirky observations, I told her [...]

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Compare the Pear!

Oct 16th, 2008 by | 0

I was amazed this morning when opening a can of “No Frills” pears. Usually these are good value at $1.90 for an 825g tin in my local supermarket. Not a bad price when the named brands and fresh pears are twice that amount in the same supermarket.
When I took off the top of the tin, [...]

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How to tell if your eggs are fresh

Oct 14th, 2008 by | 0

Determining whether an egg is fresh is quite simple.  Rather than spoil the meal you are preparing and before you waste expensive ingredients with a bad egg, try these simple tests.
1. Does the egg float?
Gently pop the egg into a large glass of water.  A fresh egg will sink to the bottom and stay there.  An [...]

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Shake, Rattle & Roll Those Eggs

Oct 13th, 2008 by | 0

Stephanie….If I could make a video on this and put it onto Youtube I would.  But, in the absence of that technology, today’s lesson is around buying eggs from the supermarket.  This applies to all types whether organic, free range or the basic no fills kind.
Always check for cracked or broken eggs before you buy [...]

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Weight Loss Breakfast Clubs

Oct 13th, 2008 by | 0

Some people have asked about a Breakfast Club in their area.  We have heard of a small but growing network that is having good success.  They started on the Central Coast of NSW and others are now picking up on the idea in other locations.  We don’t know of a directory of central list, but [...]

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