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My friends are amazed at how small our household operating costs are in comparison to theirs....and yet we are constantly complimented on the great meals we have.

This blog is about saving money, eating well and staying healthy in tough times. It's for the healthy-minded, budget conscious household.

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Websites for Healthy Recipes

Jun 10th, 2008 by | 0
vegiesWhile preparing our family’s evening meal yesterday I felt a little jaded and lacking inspiration. To me, this is a warning because if I don’t do something about it I could fall into a lazy food preparation pattern….read: carbohydrates and loss of variety with fruit and vegetables. *Must have variety*

So, having taken a fresh look at some of the more exciting healthy food preparation sites on the web, it is worthwhile sharing some of my favourite websites with others. Here is a short list from me. (More will be added next week).

If you have other healthy recipe website that you love, please share them here with other readers.

Better Health Channel - Hundreds of nutritious, easy to prepare and tasty recipes.

Sydney Markets - Creative recipes using a broad range of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Food Wishes - Not a weight loss site, but a very interesting array of food preparation videos. Choose carefully if wanting to lose weight.

Mayo Clinic - The site is great, this section is fantastic. Find hundreds of healthy recipes, including low-fat recipes, low-sodium and health healthy recipes.

Meals Matter - Developed and supported by the Dairy Council of California this site has tonnes of recipes and meal planning tools.

Start Cooking - This site has been developed to help busy people learn how to cook.

Simply Recipes - A family project to record recipes which has taken on a life of its own. Worth a visit.

And, of course there are great recipes on Weight Loss Health

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