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Shake, Rattle & Roll Those Eggs

Oct 13th, 2008 by | 0

Stephanie….If I could make a video on this and put it onto Youtube I would.  But, in the absence of that technology, today’s lesson is around buying eggs from the supermarket.  This applies to all types whether organic, free range or the basic no fills kind.

broken eggAlways check for cracked or broken eggs before you buy them. If you assume they are all OK at the supermarket, you’ll probably find one or two broken when you get home….especially when you need to use them.

Here’s three easy steps to ensure all your eggs will be usable when you get home. While you are still at the supermarket:

1. Turn the carton over and look for wet spots on the bottom. A sure sign of a broken egg or two.

2. Gently rattle the carton slightly to see if all the eggs move in their containers.  If one is cracked and the egg has leaked just a tiny bit it will be stuck to the bottom of the carton and it won’t wiggle in the carton.

3. Finally, gently touch each egg with your finger and see if is moves freely in the carton.

If in doubt, put the carton back and start over with a new carton until you are sure all your eggs are still whole.  This will save you buying a bad egg.

Tomorrow I will show you how to tell if the eggs in your refrigerator are still fresh.

Oh yes,  eggs are a good source of Vitamin B12 which is important vitamin in the regulation of moods (amongst other things, see: )

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