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How to tell if your eggs are fresh

Oct 14th, 2008 by | 0

Determining whether an egg is fresh is quite simple.  Rather than spoil the meal you are preparing and before you waste expensive ingredients with a bad egg, try these simple tests.

1. Does the egg float?

Gently pop the egg into a large glass of water.  A fresh egg will sink to the bottom and stay there.  An egg going stale will float slightly and an bad egg you will see straight away because it definitely floats!  Why? Inside the egg is a sac at the wide end.  As the egg ages air from outside seeps through the sheel and gets trapped between the sac and the shell.  This is what causes an old egg to float in a glass of water.

2.  Count the “whites” in the egg?

One “white” is stale and two “whites” is fresh.  What do we mean.  Well,  crack an egg onto a plate without breaking the yolk.  A fresh egg will have too distinct “whites” ….the outside of the egg will be a thinner “white”, then there should be a thicker “white” sitting on top of the first “white” and then the yolk will sit high and proud.

If the egg is getting old, the two whites break down becoming more like one.  If you can’t see two distinct “whites” then, either your egg is old or you need more practice looking at eggs.  Therefore, step 1 is the safest test until you get used to this.

Does anyone else have any good ways to telling if your eggs are fresh.  Please share.



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