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Sorbolene Cream - Best Moisturizer in Oz!

Oct 21st, 2008 by | 0

I’ve been using sorbolene cream for 20 years. My first encounter with sorbolene cream was in 1985 as a result of suffering with eczema on my eyelids. Split, cracked eyelids are reasonably painful and since a dermatologist advised me to use sorbolene cream on my eyelids and as an all over body moisturizer…I did and what a relief it brought! So that was when I first learnt about sorbolene cream, started using it, and still do today.

Twenty years ago sorbolene cream was available in a 1kg tub for a couple of dollars. It was awful…totally thick and gluey. Fortunately my dermatologist told me to dilute it with water to a consistency that I was happy to use. That wasn’t at all hard to do because the cream absorbs water readily and I figure that is part of what makes it a good moisturizer. It was astonishing how good it still worked diluted and that first tub of full strength lasted me the good part of a year!

Eventually the news about sorbolene cream as a high quality, low cost and effective skin moisturizer spread. The more people found out about it the more it appeared in supermarket shelves. Over the course of time it became harder and harder to buy the 1kg tubs of full strength as that version was replaced with watered down, pump action versions…which, by the way, are more expensive.

If my dermatologist hadn’t clued me in, I too would have been buying the more expensive, water-down versions of the good stuff. Today I simply refuse to buy that grade of cream. To me, it’s like buying yoghurt that has been diluted with water or petrol mixed with ethanol. It’s just not on. So, I still hunt around for full strength and buy a few tubs whenever I find it.

Terry White pharmacies are one of the few places that still stock full strength sorbolene cream. They have a 500g tub for around $4.00 Using about 80g of full strength and 420ml water this will make up into 500ml pump-able, light, version which is good for face, legs, arms and so on. This is less than one quarter the price of purchasing the “No Frills” version of sorbolene cream. And much less than a named brand of the same product.

Try it for yourself. Its a great money saver. If in doubt read through the product labels and convince yourself that it isn’t worth spending your hard earned dollars on water in a bottle (unless of course, its the kind you can drink).


1. Don’t get sucked in by smart advertisers selling water in a pump action bottle

2. The softer and lighter the sorbolene cream is, the more water has been added and the less you should want to pay for it!

3. You can add water to your full strength sorbolene cream for free

4. A $4.00 500g tub of full strength sorbolene cream can last you up to six months!

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