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My friends are amazed at how small our household operating costs are in comparison to theirs....and yet we are constantly complimented on the great meals we have.

This blog is about saving money, eating well and staying healthy in tough times. It's for the healthy-minded, budget conscious household.

Please contribute your ideas and join in the journey with us.

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Kim Beardsmore portraitMy name is Kim Beardsmore, and I’m the creator of this blog. Currently I live in Sydney with my fantastic, dream-come-true husband Gavin and teenage stepdaughter Stephanie. (And, of course, the beagles Marcus and Zac).

I know that many people are completely confused and overwhelmed by the confusing nutritional information shoved at consumers as part of a marketing campaigns over the last decade. With a degree in Biochemistry and masters in business, I am astonished at how much media has shaped our community’s thinking around diet, weight loss and nutrition. There are just too many fad concepts, bogus weight loss claims and traps to take away consumers confidence and money.

Therefore, the aim of the Weight Loss Health website and blog is to cut through some of the diet-hype by providing trustworthy, “evidence based”, reliable information about weight loss.

There is another purpose to this website…one that thousands of mothers around the country will relate too.  I am using this blog to create a legacy for my daughter Stephanie.  Despite having some wisdom beyond her years, still much of her life is at the mercy of the opinion of others. Not the least of this is her understanding of body image, shape, nutrition and weight loss.  Whilst she is grateful for the healthy way we choose and prepare food….she has yet to learn to do it for herself.

So, I am going to prepare this blog as a diary of how to incorporate healthy food and healthy cooking into the budget conscious, time starved, everyday life of the average Aussie family.  It will be a practical diary for her to draw upon when she leaves home and starts her own family. It will be household wisdom, budget saving ideas and all the family recipes she loves.

Who does this blog relate to?  A whole variety of people including young mums and mums with teenagers.  People living on a budget and wanting to do better.  People feeling tired and worn out and are exploring what changes they can make in their food. People who want tasty, easy to prepare, healthy recipes. People who are willing to share their own wisdom in these areas. People wanting to learn to cook and set up their own home. People who want to learn how to cook well to lose weight.

Healthy living leads to effective weight loss control….that means, building a lifetime of building great habits and making good choices….on a budget and being very practical. That’s what this blog is about.  We hope you come with us and enjoy the journey with us.